Forgetting to Sleep, Dreaming to Forget

by Filaments

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released December 10, 2016

Caleb Montgomery - Drums
Daniel Felton - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Garett Fisbeck - Guitar, Vocals
Taylor Vinson - Guitar, Lead Vocals

Recorded and mixed by Daniel Felton.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.
Album art by Garett Fisbeck.



all rights reserved


Filaments Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We were on the radio once.

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Track Name: C8H18
let down
checked out
spun out

pine for the cold all the summer
then you pine for that same heat in the cold
this whole conversation's making me dumber
but the schadenfreude is such fucking gold
I should probably stop being so bitter
we both know I hate to do what I'm told
but I'm fine just knowing that you're miserable
it's the joke that never gets fucking old

learn to not make others problems your own
Track Name: C5H11NO2
you can do anything you want on the last day of your job
so, if anyone needs me I'll be doing poppers in the garage
I'd rather spend the next minute flushed
before I deal with this dumb fucking lunch rush
so if anyone needs me, I'll be coping with this shit life with drugs

it's not funny (but we all think it's funny)
we're too prideful to admit that it's dumb
but if they're stealing my forty hours
please believe that I'm doing it numb
Track Name: C2H6O
a loss of patience
you deserve such
I don't blame you

trotted out by the snout to a trough full of all our failures
learning through avoidance that we all burn

I've got a lot of excuses, but I don't burn them for you
I've got another letter and several disappointments
and nobody here seems to have a clue

forgetting to sleep and dreaming to forget
Track Name: C10H12N2O
a bush league pissing contest
a great place to be on beer six
watching everyone I know have a good year
for the last three I didn't exist
all of my friends have got their shit together
I'm still snorting pills off of all of my records
know you're not shit and sleep like a rock

no one cares
they've got no incentive to think
I don't mind
I've got a house full of books, I've got plenty to drink
there's nothing there
it goes perfect paired with times that I never tried
when nothing's fair
it makes it easier to check out and roll back your eyes

I've got an ugly sneaking suspicion
that no matter what anyone tries
to make this dumb shithole any better
in the end we're all still gonna die
and you'll be clutching your worthless possessions
like you have for your entire life
so afraid of the world that surrounds you
while it's prying the door open wide
Track Name: C17H3ClN4
red pill
shamed for what?

watching, waiting for you
not as charming as it sounds
chained to the radiator, gagged mouth

by doing nothing, I'm actually making this worse
Track Name: Bad
I'm a bad song
insomniac, number ten
say it's just a one time thing
and then it happens again

it's not about saying you're sorry

it's a cycle
a pattern of behavior, not a bike
I'm good on empty gestures
I don't hold grudges, it's alright

it's not about saying you're sorry
it's not about showing you're there
It's about the shoe print on my neck
Track Name: Worse
how many times is this gonna happen?
this fucking hurts
lick all your wounds, follow up with a salt bath
gets fucking worse

everybody's had it
why don't you just say what you fucking mean?
grown tired of the static
the dialogue is stagnant and I've got places to be
we're like juggalos and magnets
I don't understand what you're doing to me
but you can fucking have it
I don't even want it
it means nothing to me

this fucking hurts
gets fucking worse
Track Name: Game of Pricks (Guided by Voices)
I've waited too long to have you
hide in the back of me
I've cheated so long I wonder
how you keep track of me

you could never be strong
you can only be free
and I never asked for the truth
but you owe that to me

I entered the game of pricks
with knives in the back of me
can't call you or on you no more
when they're attacking me

I'll climb up on the house
weep to water the trees
and when you come calling me down
I'll put on my disease

you could never be strong
you can only be free
and I never asked for the truth
but you owe that to me